Responsible Gaming Policy

Joker Casino players should enjoy the casino as entertainment and need to ensure that all their wagers are within an affordable level. Joker Casino's mission and duty is to help prevent compulsive use of - and underage access to - our gaming products.
As a responsible, licensed online gambling company, we have implemented multiple company policies and tools to ensure responsible gambling.

It is our objective to make sure that all the Joker Casino players enjoy our gambling services in a safe and secure manner.

Joker Casino offers a range of responsible gaming tools, like settings to control and limit spending, take a break from the casino / online gambling, and (self-)close an account permanently. Players can use the features by themselves or have the support staff of Joker Casino do it for them. Further details are outlined below:

You can set deposit and wagering limits to your account for a daily, weekly, monthly or custom (manually) selected period of time. This option will help you to manage the amount of money you are depositing into your account during the selected period. Please note that a daily deposit limit is calculated as 24 hours, a weekly deposit limit as 7 days and a monthly deposit limit is calculated as 28 days.

When making a deposit by credit card, new depositing players may need to complete a security check. The customer service department will contact the player by email, telephone or live chat and request the player to provide certain documents that make Joker Casino able to verify the identity of the player. This procedure is also applied when a withdrawal is done for the first time by a player.

If you want to remove or increase a set limit, it will take effect after 24 hours. Once the 24-hour period has passed you will be required to confirm the request for increase by clicking a confirmation link that will be sent to you by e-mail.
Any request or setting to decrease a set limit will be applied and effective immediately.

Another option is to add a duration limit. When set, the system will automatically and immediately log you out of your account once the selected duration is reached.

If you want to set a deposit (or any other) limit, please visit the Responsible Gaming part in Your Account section after having logged in or contact our Support Team do set if for you.

Hourly Reality Check
Once you are logged in to your account we will send you an automated reality check every 60 minutes. This check will show you the total bets you have made, the total loss for that period, and the option to stop playing or to continue playing. If nothing is selected within 60 seconds you will be automatically logged out.

Take a Break (Time-Out)
You may temporarily block yourself from access to the Joker Casino website for a selected time period that you can select yourself. This can be done by accessing the Responsible Gambling part from within the ‘My Account’ section of the Website. You can also contact the Support Team to set the timeout period for you. On confirming the timeout duration, your account will be immediately suspended, and you will not be able to login to your account until the selected duration has expired. Any request to undo the selected time-out period will only come into effect after a 48-hour cool off period. Please note that during a time-out, any remaining balances and / or advance wagers that you have placed will remain and any winnings will be credited to your account balance. The remaining balance can only be accessed after the cool off period has ended. It is possible that bonuses may expire during the time-out period, in accordance with the bonus terms and conditions. It is not possible to activate any expired bonuses in the situation when the account is active again after the time-out period.

Account Closure
Joker Casino players reserve the right to close their account at any moment. Contact the Support Team to close your account, and they will do this for you as soon as possible. Please note that when an account is closed under the standard account closure, it can be reopened at any time by contacting The Joker Casino Support Team.
IMPORTANT - If you feel you have not enough or no control over your gambling and spending and might have a gambling problem or are developing such a problem, we advise you to self-exclude yourself. More information about self-exclusion is outlined in the self-exclusion section below.

Account History
Understanding how much you are spending, as well as the products that you wager on, can be a useful way to reflect on your gambling behaviour. Joker Casino players have access to the full history of deposits and withdrawals, games played and account activity and this can be viewed by visiting the ‘My Account’ section.

Joker Casino offers self-exclusion to help you if you feel that your gambling is out of control. Our team will prevent you from using your account for a specific period or permanent, as determined by you. We will take steps to prevent you opening new accounts. If a time period was selected instead of permanent self-exclusion, your account will be reopened once the time period has ended.

To make sure that gambling problems are prevented Joker Casino does not allow an account to be re-opened during a selected time period for self-exclusion and permanent self-exclusion.

An entered self-exclusion is a joint commitment from Joker Casino and you. During the exclusion, you must not attempt to re-open your account or to try and open any (new) accounts across our network. We will take all possible steps to prevent this from happening.

The process of self-exclusion is made as simple as possible but requires a few steps. The support team will send you an e-mail about the details of your self exclusion (when it starts, permanent or time period, and account details). You must reply to this e-mail that you confirm that the sent information is correct. Until we receive you e-mail that confirms the self-exclusion, YOUR ACCOUNT WILL REMAIN ACTIVE.

When the self-exclusion is in effect, Joker Casino will make every reasonable effort to make sure that you do not receive gambling related messages. However, we cannot be held liable for any third-party (affiliate) marketing send to you which we have no control over. Please note that if you do receive marketing material and decide to gamble by opening and operating new accounts, we are under no obligation to return any deposits, winnings, or other funds in any way.

When self-exclusion is wanted or in effect we advise that you seek support to make sure you prevent or beat gambling problems. (see Gambling Addiction section below).

Joker Casino strives to offer the most complete gaming experience and wants players to enjoy their time spent at the Casino.
Our customer service department is open within the times stipulated and are happy to provide support and assistance when a player is in need of any such thing.
The Joker Casino support-team can be contacted via telephone, email or live chat.

Gambling Addiction
There are many organisations that can provide help and support to individuals who develop a problem with gambling. Any player who feels this may have happened to them is recommended to contact a self-help organisation for guidance.
Click HERE to check if you might have a gambling problem.

The following websites offer non-judgmental, confidential, free advice and guidance online, per e-mail and phone. By visiting them you will learn how gambling works, check if you or someone you know may have a gambling problem, and find various tips on how to stay in control. The logos are links to the websites:





Age Verification
Be aware - Any player who has provided dishonest or inaccurate information regarding their true age may have all winnings forfeited and could face criminal prosecution.

Joker Casino has implemented several measures for Age Verification: - Every person signing up at our website for a new account must check the box that indicates that they are at least 18 years of age. This notifies everybody that Joker Casino does not accept players under the age of 18. When an account is created, a player must enter their name, address, and birth date to confirm that the player is at least 18 years old. - We do not target underage players with our marketing and advertising. It is neither good business nor consistent with our personal and corporate values to attract underage players.

What you can do: - Be sure that your computer or mobile device is protected. All computers can be set up to have password control, this means that a password must be entered before the desktop can be accessed. In general, this is a good thing to do, but it’s even more important when you have children or teenagers surrounding you and that can access your computer or mobile device(s). At all times keep you Joker casino ID and password private and do not share them with anybody and do not write them down on paper that can easily be accessed by other people. We advise to not select the option to have software remember your password and fill it in automatically for you each time you log-in. - If you have children or teenagers in your household, use protection software that allows limitations regarding websites that can be accessed, prevent file sharing, and generally give you control over how children and teenagers use the Internet.
Here are links for some of those programs:

Safe Kids

Net Nanny

- If you are aware of an underage person using Joker Casino, please do not hesitate and let us know. Send us an email or give us a call, and we will take measures right away. The first step we will take is to investigate, and if warranted, freeze the player’s account immediately and request the player for (full) identification. Joker Casino takes these reports very seriously.

Play safe and responsibly.
Joker Casino


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